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About Macopharma

Helping to save lives for over 40 years

Founded in 1977 as a manufacturer of blood bags for the French healthcare system, Macopharma is a global leader today in blood products, biotherapy and a range of clinical accessories and services to hospitals. Created in Tourcoing, France by three medical experts, the company now has more than 2,500 employees worldwide, all of them committed to meeting the healthcare needs of patients. Hospitals and transfusion centers in over 100 countries are supplied from Macopharma’s production facilities in France, Poland and Tunisia, each of which applies Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and uses a Quality Assurance system certified to ISO 9001 standard. To deliver its solutions, Macopharma is represented by a sales and marketing network covering more than 70 countries.

A growing portfolio of products and services

The new THERAFLEX UV-Platelets system will play a leading role in Macopharma’s product portfolio. Current products and services for the blood transfusion sector cover the full spectrum of blood collection, processing and distribution, while the move toward new cell therapies has been mirrored by Macopharma’s development of biotherapy solutions. These include the collection and processing of stem cells, and extend to the transplantation of cells or organs to patients. The company is also a leading supplier to hospitals of soft bags for plasma substitutes and infusions, along with masks and other medical accessories.

A belief in values and sustainability

Alongside its business objectives, Macopharma is equally committed to a set of four core values – professionalism, performance, motivation and solidarity – and to its sustainable development as a manufacturer. Reducing energy and water consumption, limiting raw materials waste in production processes and lowering noise levels at industrial facilities are all the focus of continuous improvement programs. The safety of staff and equipment is also closely monitored at all of the company’s locations.